Monday, October 11, 2010

This and that on Columbus Day.

I ordered a sale rug from Crate & Barrel to go under my chair so that both rug and chair can be seen and admired. I think it worked out very well, and delivery on Columbus Day was a bonus. Now I have no excuse not to finish a couple more pieces of work yet this afternoon.

I so admired the Colorado photos that Ed Reed was posting on FaceBook that I took my iPhone4 out on the way to the office the other day to try to capture Northwest colors for him to see. This is Cowen Park.

This of course is our beautiful home. We continue to enjoy the major amount of work we had done in 2006. The front porch is protected by a Douglas Fir, some of whose branches you see as shadows here. I have found someone to come and help teach me with the gardens, who will do a major cleanup on the 20th before La Nina arrives.

Here's another glorious set of colors a block from my office. Though it's clear that summer is over, so far at least we have had days with beautiful sunshine a couple of times a week, which makes it all so very worth it.