Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wishing My Friends The Best Walk Ever!

2008 Opening Ceremonies: Carrying the Flag
Kindred Spirits 2008 Across the Finish Line -- Mary Jo, Annie, Ginny and Carol
2007 Training Walk with Anna Terrones.  I miss her very much.
Though I know that other commitments kept me from training and walking in this year's 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer -- coming up this weekend -- I nonetheless miss everything that leads up to the walk itself.  The friends that I made and the experiences we shared are cumulative.  They are important because everyone is training and raising money for a cause larger than themselves, usually out of personal experience or friendship with someone who has cancer.

I'll be out early Friday morning to cheer all the walkers out the gate at Qwest Field, and I'll see them again on Sunday when they leave Husky Stadium on the last leg of the walk. These three photos remind me of the very special experience of training for six months and then making the walks in 2007 and 2008.

To the 100+ members of my team, the Kindred Spirits, I wish you the joy that comes with knowing you are doing something genuinely important.  Year by year, you are changing the world.