Monday, June 27, 2016

"Tomorrow is always the busiest day of the week" -- Spanish Proverb

Let there be light.

That's been my motto for the past three weeks, after I returned from New York City and turned in my grades.  I have three distinct pieces of work I need to get done by the end of July, another by mid-August.  I know the order that the projects will take, but I cannot seem to make myself begin. Of course I've nibbled around the edges, but that's just pro forma for a Type A like me.

Last week, thanks to my colleague Lauren Du Graf, an unrelated but extremely important and physical piece of work got done,  as she managed the sale of items in the ASA storage locker and the transport of one item to my UW office.

 This is the kind of work I have loved to do in the past, but I was very glad to have her decisive pushes to complete the work a day early.  That's a load off my mind.  I've already started to move books in my home office to the bookcase now in my UW office.

I have garden work and some additional personal donations to make in addition to the electronics we donated to GreenPlanet on Saturday, but I'm feeling lighter in every respect.

That is to say, I am out of excuses to begin.  I spent yesterday curled up with food poisoning, so I'm in recovery/small errands mode today, with everything lined up for a firm start tomorrow.