Sunday, April 15, 2007

"The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones."

The 3 Day Orientation was extremely useful. I learned (for instance) that the first two days of the walk you probably average 21-22 miles, and the third day 15-17 miles. The camp site stays in one place throughout the walk. Last year, the walk went from somewhere near Woodinville to Redmond, and then across 520 bridge into Husky Stadium for Closing Ceremonies. Very inspiring sesson, emotional as well, but interspersed with lots of laughs. Seattle has the second largest race in the nation, with 3,000 walkers last year. San Diego fields 5,000 walkers.

Today I took my new walking sticks and went round Green Lake in late morning. More folks out than usual, with the sun, but we had a bit of rain as well. The sticks take some getting used to...but I think will be very helpful in building upper body strength as well as giving my feet a bit more spring than they might have otherwise.

I need to creatively invent my walks the next two days. All day conference at the UW's Waterfront Activities Center tomorrow, so I think I will take the car but park it on upper campus so as to walk down and back from the water. Tuesday morning I work with Amy, my trainer, and then will see if I can squeeze a trip round Green Lake in a the end of the day.

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