Monday, April 2, 2007


This week is all about taking care of details. Yesterday was the right shoes. I went to see John Ng at Nordstrom in Northgate. He's a distance runner, and helped me pick out my last pair of gym shoes. There's a lot to know about shoes, and socks, for this type of walk. I ended up with two pair of Asic walking shoes this time. They are 4-6 oz. lighter than the Brooks gym shoes, and support the foot better for distance. I also got two pair of Asic socks, made to protect the foot and draw sweat away as well. I'll go back to see him in a couple of weeks to let him know how these are doing, and I'll alternate all three pairs for walks.

Also this week: visits to check my orthodics, and with my physician to discuss whether or not I need a breast MRI based on family history. I have had mammograms since I was 35.

This is the last grace week of lighter approach to training. Coming into this week I'm showing $1,450 raised, with another $1200 coming in matching WaMu gifts.

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