Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Firenze and Siena

We are walking 3-3.5 hours every day, with a short break for tea....we spent Monday in Florence to see the Duomo and the large plaza outside the Uffizi Gallery called Plaza de la Signoria....then off to the market...then a concert. Tuesday we rented a car to go to Siena, where cars are not allowed in the old part of the city. It was truly spectacular. The center of the old city is Il Centro, a round plaza with sloping sides. From there we walked up toward Siena Duomo which is a century or so older than Florence -- truly amazing, in particular the marble floors. Today we shopped more in the market before walking up to Gallerie del Accademia, where the famous David statue is housed, along with La Pieta and other unfinished pieces....on our way back now to hotel to snooze, write postcards, before my conference kicks off this evening with a reception just across the plaza from our hotel. If I can walk 3 to 3.5 miles on these uneven surfaces, imagine what I can do on a trail or walking path!

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