Thursday, June 7, 2007

"By the time I get done with you, eleven miles will be nothing..." -- Amy, my trainer

Yesterday and today both blurs of back to back meetings at work. This morning I worked with Amy in the gym. She is quoted above, and I believe she meant it. I am finding the work with machines and weights to be energizing. My form improves steadily.

I saw my podiatrist this afternoon. He was able to reshape my new orthodics somewhat to fit better in the shoe, and carved a bit on my soles. Now I have no excuses, eh? At least I am walking now every day, even on those days I am in the gym.

I'm thinking about trying a 13 mile walk that precedes the opening of the 3 Day Expo on Saturday morning.....the Expo will feature workshops, vendors and talks focused around preparedness for both the camping and the walk itself.

I just mailed in another $2,900 of checks and in kind matches for this walk. What a great feeling!

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