Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Our nation's capitol...

I got to airport in plenty of time yesterday to catch my 1pm flight...problem was a fuel pump on the plane, which delayed us seven hours. I had expected to be in DC by 9:30pm, but our plane arrived at 4:15am, so I crawled in to bed around 4:50am. I went late to the meeting in order to catch a few hours of sleep before making my presentation.

I had a relaxing hour later in the day to catch up with my friend Clarissa, whom I've known since my undergraduate days at the University of Iowa. Good friends like this are hard to find, and I love it that she and I stay in touch rather closely. We had planned to walk at the Mall today, but it is 96 degrees out there with 90%+ humidity. This is truly a southern town. I will try to go out later this evening when it has cooled off.

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