Saturday, June 23, 2007

Warrior Women.

As I was finishing my morning walk (6 miles) at Green Lake today, I came upon three women and a man with children. One of the women spotted my blue hat and said it was like the one her husband wears. (She was wearing the pink hat, which is for survivors.) As we finished our walks, we chatted a bit. Her name is Anna and the folks she was with today are part of a 30 person group called Warrior Women, of which about ten are recent survivors. Anna said they have already raised over $50,000 -- and so I checked out their website when I got home.

Checking out their team website, I see that while Anna had finished her chemotherapy in early April, she was still undergoing radiation. So when she said "recent survivor," that is exactly what she meant. I hope to see Anna again at Green Lake.

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