Thursday, June 14, 2007

Meet Amy, my trainer....

Here's Amy, my trainer looking pleasant and harmless in this morning's gym photo because she has not yet begun to put me through 30 minutes of work...if you were to credit my stamina, lack of joint stiffness, replacement of fat with muscle, it would be to Amy, who has put up with me since last fall. On Saturday, she and her mother and her sister and her neice will all participate at Qwest Field in the Susan Koman shorter walk.

There has to be a special form of trust between client and trainer for the client to keep coming back. In Amy's case, she has made the work hard enough for me -- and because I can now see the progress I am making, I want more. She's encourages me with advice on building up my endurance for walking. She doesn't say "of course you can do it!" Rather, she helps me take it a step at a time, monitoring diet and the training walks as well as what we accomplish in the gym. She's my ace-in-the-hole.

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