Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do." -- Eleanor Roosevelt

A rainy Seattle morning was perfect for clocking myself to do six miles in two hours, including stretching and bathroom stops. Traffic (see above) was heavy at 5:30am on certain sections of the path. I celebrated with a Varsity Inn breakfast of two pancakes and scrambled eggs when I finished.

I've been doing three miles at a pop each day since Saturday, and then some additional walking during the day on errands and meetings. Today I'm going to start walking additional distances during the day. I'm working until early afternoon on revisions to my book, then I'll walk down to the Varsity Theatre to see "A Mighty Heart," a three mile round trip. That would make nine miles for today, unless I also walk down to Leroy's UW Summer Band Concert this evening.

When I trained with Amy yesterday morning, she pushed me to start walking different kinds of surfaces and different distances -- and see how obedient I am to her instructions? I talked with Penny, who leads longer training walks up north of Seattle on weekends. I'm going to drive up to Snohomish Centennial Park on Saturday morning to take part in her 16 mile walk. We decided last night on the phone that I would shoot for doing 10 of those 16 miles this time out, based on walking six miles without issue right now. To go straight to 16 is probably too great a leap, though I know it's often the mind that is the inhibitor.

It's difficult to know without some variance in training whether it's my foot or boredom that keeps me stuck around six miles at a pop. So I'm going to do the thing I think I cannot do on Saturday -- and will spend these next days, including today, getting ready for it.

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