Friday, August 3, 2007

" cannot step twice into the same river." -- Heraclitis

This is the last part of yesterday's Heraclitus quotation -- it means that new waters are rushing to replace old waters, that are moving quickly away from the place where you are standing. It seems to echo the challenge of the recovery work going on in Minneapolis around the collapsed bridge. Perhaps between the steam pipe explosion in Manhattan and this bridge tragedy we'll see a new level of action taken to replace critical infrastructure. For us in Seattle, it is the Alaskan Way viaduct in particular that is of concern. Not just inspecting it regularly, but replacing it and the 520 bridge along with it.

Yesterday nearly all my work in the gym with Amy was on the mat and devoted to core strength training. After I saw her, I did three miles at Green Lake then came home and iced the right foot, where several painful blisters have appeared under the bunion.

It's cooler this morning and was raining lightly when I did my three miles at Green Lake. I saw Dr. Berg this morning and got the soles of my feet carved upon for the last time before the walk. He also worked on my right orthodic, to smooth it away from the lower areas of that bunion.

The cool weather will make it possible to start some work in the gardens this afternoon.

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