Monday, September 10, 2007

Day Three -- Getting more than you give

I finished the walk slowly, but I finished it. Here, I have just changed into the shirt we wore for closing ceremonies after having had a late lunch with Leroy at Seattle Center House. I am limping, but standing!

Here's Kim (left), Anna (center), and the inimitable Mary Gardner walking in to closing ceremonies.

It's hard to show them all: so many walkers (2,350) and such amazing support from family, friends, and the community. There were 350 crew members who supported us all the way.

People walked through their pain and their exhaustion and were cheered in all along the route, but especially this last quarter mile. Note that many cheering are those who also walked. That's part of our job: to support one another in this effort.

I walked for all cancer survivors and in memory of many others who have died. The tag I carried on my backpack identifies those I walked for in 2007: my sister Mary, Lisa Coleman, Julie Hillers and Denise Roberts. For what they have gone through or are going through, they are my heroes. Enough for today. I am home from the walk now. I'll post up more of the 170+ photos taken by my own crew over the weekend. This was simply to show some of the energy and exuberance that comes from doing good and raising $6.4 million. In situations like this, you always get back more than you give.

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Penny K said...

Annie -

It was an absolute pleasure to have you walk with me this year. You have a very special spirit and I am so honored to know you. Thank you for just being you.