Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Art Institute of Chicago....

We flew into Chicago on Thursday, and had about three inches of snow fall, reminding me of my childhood in Iowa. It melted today, so I was able to get to the Art Institute easily. It's the first large art museum I ever visited, and made a profound impact. I had taken the train in to Chicago to view an extraordinary exhibit that had come from France, including Matisse's large painting of the Five Muses in a circle dance. It was also the first time I ever saw a large sculpture, in that case Rodin's "Adam." This is a wonderful, well-used museum that keeps expanding in a thoughtful way. The Jasper Johns exhibit called "Gray," put together by the Met, did not disappoint. While there, I had time to take a trip down memory lane through galleries of Impressionist paintings, and then sit with a cup of tea looking out at Lake Michigan. My cold is still with me, and a cough, so took a cab back to the hotel after walking my couple of miles inside the Institute.

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