Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ready to rumble.

I just finished sending out emails for support on this year's walk, and I've already had over $900 donated online. I'm shooting for $30,000 this year, and hoping to have close to half of it by SuperBowl Sunday, which is the first day we train.

The photo above is from the first day of last year's walk. The woman in the wheelchair is but one of hundreds of folks who held up signs like this as we walked in their neighborhoods. If she could have walked, she would have done so. This was a recurring scene over all three days, reminding us why we walked: little girls serving us at handmade lemonade stands...surgeons waving at their patients from the whose wives were memories only making us laugh as we passed by...cops saluting us...the guy with the "save the coconuts" stand, wearing coconuts...everyone thanking us. Emotions entwined with fierce commitment make this endurance event possible.

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^_chux_^ said...

wow..your such an amazng woman madam...your posts are so dramatic and full of passion..hope to read more from you...ΓΌ