Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cassandra and Sabrina

Meet two women I've been honored to know for nearly 40 years: my stepdaughters, Cassandra and Sabrina, who both live in Phoenix. These are their 2007 holiday photos.

Cassandra is a professional soprano, who sings with the Phoenix Bach Choir and Conspirare, and records Grammy-nominated albums with both. She sells real estate on the side with her husband Richard, who also composes and arranges music. They have three children: Matthew (right), Jeremy (left), and Rachel, next to her mother. Not surprisingly, they are all musical.

Sabrina has taken her work in psychology and statistics and become an outstanding entrepreneur in the areas of into home design and architecture -- note the building behind the family in the photo, which she envisioned and imagined and oversaw every detail of. She and her husband Reed head a large home building company, and have three equally amazing children: Alexander (right), Katie (front), and William, gifted musicians and athletes.
We're looking forward to late February, when all four of us spend a weekend with them in Phoenix.

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Howard said...

Hi Annie,
thanks for posting the pictures of Cassandra and Sabrina - it's great to read about them. I recently ran across some photos that I took when staying with you in Seattle - a real jog down memory lane! When I get back to Prague I will try to scan some of them and post them on the blog. Lots of love, Kathleen