Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Days...

We had a wonderful weekend with relatives in Phoenix weekend before last. We spent time with Cassandra and Sabrina and their families, and also had a chance to visit my Newman cousins in Carefree, home of that cactus you see behind us.

I had grand birthday festivities on Tuesday. At work, managers past and present took me for lunch, about 15 of us altogether at Bruno's. At home, I was overwhelmed with gifts and best wishes from friends and family. Yesterday, my doctor packed me out with three prescriptions aimed at knocking out/off the bronchitis that reappeared last week.

Not much walking this week, except puff-puffing up hills. I fly Sunday morning to DC for meetings and another talk about pandemic readiness. I hope to deliver it without having to socially distance myself from the audience.

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