Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another park, another view

I got up early and drove to Everett to meet the Kindred Spirits team at Legion Park, pictured in an early photo many years ago. By now I should have figured out that Penny never usually has us actually walk in a park -- we park our cars there and then walk out. Today it was through the historic district of Everett all the way over to General Hospital, then back.

I was lucky to walk with Ginny, a friend from last year's walk. We had a chance to catch up. She is such a positive person in her outlook, and this year she is walking in honor of a young breast cancer victim who herself has just decided to join us in the walk even though she is only half way through her treatments. What spunk! My hip held up fine both on Saturday (4 miles) and today (5.6 miles), but the Nikes don't seem to offer enough support. They are designed without much headroom in the toebox, so back to Super Jock & Jill before next weekend's walks.

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