Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Packing it in.

This week is going too fast. It's been a blur of four mile walks, some physical therapy, some work with my trainer, and some elbow grease to help our son James get to the point where we are now -- a portable storage unit that is nearly completely packed, which will be picked up tomorrow, the same day that he flies out for Chicago for a few days, then Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh on Sunday. Here are he and Leroy, tying everything down before adding his bike and two wheels. James has stood firm against all efforts to get him to take "enough" stuff, noting that he will be the one hauling it all up to his new apartment.

I am reading Tracy's blog for an up close look at a patient in chemotherapy. I recommend it strongly, especially the most recent posts, in case any of you see Tracy on the bus or at work:

I had tea with my good friend Jenny yesterday. I've been so focused on either training -- or not being able to train -- and fundraising that she gently reminded me that it's time to think hard about what I want to get out of the walk itself this year.

Walking is still important to me -- there are now 13 names on my honor roll hat. My walking is but a small token of my respect for their personal battles against cancer, and a means to participate in a cause that is larger than any of the 12 or so walks held this year across the United States.

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