Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The best way to lose track of time is to garden. I have been at it the past couple of days, hoping to smarten things up. Last year, walking took precedence over gardening and things got a bit out of hand. Yesterday I went to Swanson's in Ballard and picked out a new red dahlia bush, red geraniums, deep blue lobelia, a white trailing flower, some replacement Irish moss, and a few other exotics. I both planted and cleaned out garden beds in the back yard.

Here's a full view of the terrace and most of the gardens around it shot from our dressing room window on the second floor after I finished in the back garden, before I started on the rockery areas on the outside of the fence. There's a lot more still to do, but it's very rewarding work.
I got my new orthodics this morning, complete with a lift in the left one, to compensate for 9mm (roughly 1/2") difference between left and right leg...just what Brad, my physical therapist, thought might be part of the reason that I am so tight on the left side. Nowhere to go now but up -- and back out into the garden for the rest of this week!

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