Saturday, August 9, 2008

Silver Lake

We drove north to Silver Lake for a barbeque picnic this afternoon with the Kindred Spirits team and family members. It was windy and started to rain eventually, but Penny (center, pink top and pajama bottoms) was able to lift our spirits, as usual.

The team had done a 16 mile walk this morning.

Leroy joined me at the picnic, and was able to use all his pyrotechnic skills to get the fire going and hot enough in the midst of big drops of rain. It sounds like the first two days of the walk will come in around 22 miles each (with hills) and the third day around 16 miles. I'm staying in the hotel with the team the night before we start to walk. Leroy will drive me to and from after that, so I can tend my feet here at home and sleep in my own bed. I'm carrying one of the flags for both opening and closing ceremonies -- hoping not to trip and impale myself (or someone else) in the midst of such pomp and circumstance.

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