Monday, September 1, 2008

Green Lake Morning

A chilly first morning of September. My feathered friends were lolling about, unaware of the winds and heavy rain that struck the Gulf Coast this morning. Though this time officials were ready, we are all relieved that Gustav has been downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane. There are more tropical storms queuing up right behind Gustav, so this will be a busy year for my team.

This is my stretching stone at Green Lake. We will pass right by it on Day 3. Like many benches and stones in the park, it is inscribed and donated in memory of someone. This one says "Oto '71. Rock on."

And here, a bit more of the beauty that is Green Lake. I am so pleased that we will walk the north end of the lake, and that folks can cheer us on between 8am-11am that morning. I am
thinking of asking Scott Brown to bring out the Roosevelt's Rough Riders Marching Band--all walkers are heartened by signs of love and support, especially on Day 3.

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