Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today we remember.

Seven years ago today, our belief in man's essential goodness was severly challenged. This morning, we remember the victims of 9/11/01, their families, and the brave police officers and firefighters who had only imperfect tools to rescue them.

The police officers and firefighters have a lot in common with cancer survivors: they both show us what is best in ourselves -- our ability to struggle against and overcome adversity, to care for and support one another in times of great duress or sadness.

This is my last blog until Sunday night. My husband will be posting photos up to the site each day of the walk, and my son will also blog long distance in support of the walk. It's possible that I've made the walk sound too much like The Long March, an ordeal to be endured, as I have described my preparations over the last months. It's actually an event of great joy, a physical expression of the commitment all of us have to this cause.

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