Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stockholm Photos

I love to travel to other countries, but this year my son James has beat me to it. Here are three photos from his recent trip to Stockholm.

He traveled to Stockholm to read a paper at a conference and, because of a German friend with Swedish relatives, he probably saw more of the city than most tourists.

A shot that his friend Martin took...he's wearing his conference badge, so I'm guessing on the morning he was to present, with the requisite cup of coffee to wake up....

And I am guessing that this is the royal palace.
There is so much of the Mideast that I would like to see, but I think my timing would be very bad right now. We still have a standing invitation from curators in Egypt to come tour the Cairo museum behind the scenes, and then take the boat ride to Luxor and the pyramids. Perhaps next year, it will be possible for Americans to travel in greater safety to this part of the world.
On the local front, the walk sponsors have been persuaded to stage it here in Seattle from September 11-13 next year, rather than October, where they originally announced it. Given the way the wind and rain are whistling around the house this weekend, October would indeed have been a bad idea in the Pacific Northwest.

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Tracy said...

Funny, but that first photo almost looks like Greenlake! You must be very proud of your son. How great to see that he is out in the world doing great things.

As for the walk, all I can say is Yippee! I think the attendance and therefore the fundraising would have been down for next year if they kept it in October. I plan to be there next September!