Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pushing past what you think you can do.

Sometimes you just push on past what you think is possible. An example would be the 20 minute video that four of us featured in the video -- representing the Seattle Fire Department, Puget Sound Energy, WaMu and the King County Health Department -- helped prepare for distribution by the Public Health Department in King County. Turns out that no such information on pandemic flu planning is available anywhere in the country so copies have been downloaded by small businesses and nonprofits everywhere. The DVD even includes a planning checklist and a template for making a plan.

On a personal level, sometimes I try to push past where I've been before. My trainer, Eric, used a phrase this morning at the end of our session. Translated loosely, "no pain no gain." I've had trouble for a week with my right glut, so this morning, we mostly did upper body and abdominals work. There were several firsts -- I worked out on "The Gravitron" machine for the first time, doing pull ups from a kneeling position. And I handled a medicine ball twice the usual weight, including pushing it up while reclined on a balance ball. In retrospect, I'm pleased with the work I did and hope I can lift my arms far enough tomorrow to get my fingers on the keyboard.
In a bizarre way, these two efforts are connected: the fitter I am, the better able I will be to withstand a pandemic flu event.
Working with a trainer is not unlike working with every day as it presents itself. You are always doing more than you think you know how to do.

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