Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Love without end.

An email this evening from my friend and pancreatic cancer patient, Denise, who has survived two plus years of first opinions, second opinions, third opinions, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, more chemotherapy -- and who tomorrow will have another surgery to sever nerve endings in the pancreatic area.

"The tumor is growing and the pain is increasing, as a result. This procedure will give me immediate results and should last about 2 months. This will also put me in a pain free environment so I can make some decisions on the next step(s) of my journey...For right now, it's one day at a time....Then we tackle the next day."

We may think that things are bad, but there is nothing like this note to ratchet things into perspective. I put my head down on my desk when I read her signoff to the email.

It says "Love without end, Denise."

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Tracy said...


My father had pancreatic cancer and I know it is a very difficult road. I will keep Denise in my thoughts and prayers.