Friday, February 13, 2009

Walking Shoes.

I finally made it last night to Super Jock & Jill, to see Ty and get fitted for this year's first pair of 3 Day Walk shoes. Their customer service is superb, and I tried three different sizes and a different width to find the just right size. Brooks had redesigned its Ariel shoe somewhat, so that's why they fitted me so carefully.

I am out of excuses for training to walk, now that I have the shoes. And all the work I've been doing in the gym should count when I hit the path tomorrow morning at Green Lake. I've lost some more weight, am carrying significantly more muscle. I think I have enough time now during the day to actually get out more regularly to walk.

The other great thing about Super Jock & Jill is that they will take your old walking shoes, tweak them a bit, and then donate them to the city's emergency shelter for the homeless. So I came away lighter by two pair, and gliding postively gliding on my glisteningly white new shoes.

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