Saturday, March 21, 2009

The 2009 team is growing.

Over 30 walkers, many of them new and apprehensive, showed up in Everett last Saturday morning for a shoe fitting clinic followed by a 4 mile walk. Penny Kellam (front right in light green jacket) has led the Kindred Spirits team for more years than I can count. She manages humor and thoughtfulness both in building each year's team. These first walks are at 4 miles and before the end of April, folks will be walking 6 miles as a team. At the beginning of the six months of training, we walk together on Saturdays. Later she will add a Sunday walk to get us used to the idea of back-to-back longer walks. On Saturday, the sun shone for the whole walk that followed -- it felt good to peel off my jacket and lift my face up for that Vitamin D. I'll be doing daily walks around Green Lake soon to complement the other training I'm now doing on my own.

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