Monday, March 2, 2009

"Well begun is half done." -- Aristotle

I am reading both Emerson and Aristotle to rebalance my thinker.

Usually I can read myself out of a funk, especially with a guy like Emerson, who is all exhortation.

My knees are swollen and feel like ill-fitting hinges, especially going down the stairs. I'm taking my ibuprophen and something stronger at night. And I'm trying to refrain from being angry that on such beautiful days I can't be walking three miles or so. The stiffness makes me feel incapable generally.

So in cases like this, you have to bring in the crisp, non-emotional Aristotle. And there he is at the top of the page. So, I ask myself, what do you have to complain about when:

-- you've already a pair of walking shoes that don't hurt you.
-- you've already raised over $2,700.
-- formal training walks don't start until later this month.
-- you don't have cancer.

I guess what Aristotle might be trying to tell me is "suck it up."

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Tracy said...

Or maybe....give yourself a break! Take it easy! You are allowed some down time!