Friday, April 3, 2009


 went to Swansons Nursery yesterday to spend a gift certificate, and ended up spending more to pick up a couple of square pots and some organic heirloom vegetable starts to plant in them and near the pots directly in the ground as well.

New dark brown pot against the fence holds Cascadia snap peas, deep purple scallions, and "Gold Rush" heirloom looseleaf lettuce.

Lilac that was new last year (right hand side of picture) is filled with buds, even as day lilies continue to grow closer to the brick border.

Lauren put these bulbs in last year, I think, and they complement the tulips already there.

This is the pot that Lauren and James gave me for Christmas a year ago, with more heirloom bulbs sprouting here.

These pots also hold 'Lollo Rossa' leaf lettuce. I'll add some other items to the pots once I see how this compression gardening works for these early growers.

For me, nothing beats mucking around in the garden.

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Lauren said...

A sign of good things to come!