Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Santa Fe to Austin.

On the morning we drove to the Albuquerque airport, we visited "Museum Hill" outside Santa Fe.  Of course since it was Monday, all the museums were closed -- but here are a few outdoor shots, to get the feel of the place.

This large piece (above and here)  is called "Apache Mountain Spirit Dancer" by Craig Dan Goseyum.  He watches over the place.

The buildings, earliest of which was built as a research facility in the 30s, are completely attuned to one another, as is all the signage and the landscaping of the area.

Another beautiful outdoor sculpture.

And another.

Entrance to one of four museums on the hill.  

A pleasant space for contemplation.

I was awfully sick on Saturday evening -- perhaps a cosmic or karmic purge of bad ju-ju left over from corporate America?   I had been dining and working on the site of an old kiva earlier that evening.  In any case, after determining it was not salmonella or swine fever, I spent Sunday in bed.  That meant I missed the last session of the retreat and sightseeing that afternoon and evening.  So it was a double treat to get at least this look at the oldest part of New Mexico, where the Santa Fe Trail crossed.

I got into Austin last evening and spent it with old friends.   I've been out for a walk in the rain this morning, and am hoping to see Lady Bird Johnson's Wildflower Garden this afternoon.

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