Friday, June 19, 2009


Today is the day I'll post more than once. We hit our deadline for the web designeer. So this morning, I've been moving some of my books and desk items from the house to the office because my new desk and bookcase arrive this afternoon -- photos to follow. But above, please note the four beautiful Keilhauer conference chairs....

My stuff is a mix of publications ad personal items I like to look at while I'm working. I think the Nagouchi "Black Sun" casting looks comfortable near the McKinsey Quarterly.

As if the four conference chairs weren't enough, check out my new red Keilhauer Sguig Snychro and the two beautiful wood side chairs, upon which I'm organizing some of my books. All chairs are the result of a very special deal from DuGraf Associates, for which I am very grateful. Once everything is here except the conference table, then I'll move paintings and photographs over the weekend, along some other office files and equipment. On Tuesday, when the phone and internet get turned on, ASA will be ready to roll, either from the conference table or my desk.

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