Friday, June 12, 2009

"First ponder, then dare." -- Helmuth von Moltke

Exterior shot of office itself.

The courtyard that runs down the middle outside my office. Notice the beautiful bench at the end of the gravel? Below, by late afternoon we have four office chairs (loan, courtesy of DuGraf Interiors) and a beautiful Korean elm cabinet. Lauren (left) and Tracey (right) now have a place to sit. Tracey brought me a beautiful office gift -- a Chinese three legged frog who has coins in his mouth and covering his back. I am to turn him facing out in the daytime and facing in for the evening, to ensure that my prosperity remains.

But exhilaration is sometimes exhausting. The month long train ride last month gave me time to ponder, and now I am in the dare stage. Days seem endless, perhaps because of the length of the lists. It feels like I am working even when I sleep. Yet it is only the 12th of the month!

This past week has been momentous. I hired the website team a week ago and the graphic designer about the same time. Lauren started as my research assistant on Monday. We already have a logo that is sitting on the splash page for is a lot of background detail for the site that Lauren is handling and, without her, I would undoubtedly be way behind. We have started to move into office space that she located. My desk and a large conference table are ordered, but won't be here for another week. So we're camping in the space without an internet connection, which means no excuse not to be writing, writing, writing, to finish content without the interruption of emails or phones ringing.

Back to work!

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