Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's getting there...

The blinds got installed here at the office yesterday. They make a big difference and, since they are in, I have started to move in photographs and drawings.

These photos are for my son James, watching the evolution of the office from Pittsburgh. He knows each of these photographs well. Above, the new compact Samsung printer/fax/scanner on the table, and a photograph of WaMu Center shot from a helicopter by David Hume Kennerly. It was a gift to me for being part of the WaMu Center Design Committee.

The photo above is of the Detroit train station; and below of the Wall Street Exchange in 2005. Both photos are by Weston Jandacka. The flash seems to be inevitable today, sorry.

I'll keep documenting the space for those in other cities. I am holding off choosing a large work for near the conference table until it arrives. I haven't decided what size rug or where it will go for the office either. Both these decisions will be easier after living in the space a bit longer.

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James said...

Looks great Annie!