Sunday, June 7, 2009

Race for the Cure.

Here's a few of the Kindred Spirits -- Penny Kellam, Jennifer Langdalen, Michelle Lewis, Dorothy Copeland and Kate Butt --who walked this morning in the Race for the Cure. Most of them continued on with Penny (left, front) to do an additional ten miles along the waterfront after this event was over. It was great to see members of the team. I especially enjoyed walking at a slower pace than the rest of the team with Kate Butt (right front). It's hard to get an idea of the scale this event has grown to, but the picture below gives you an idea. On the top part of the viaduct in the distance, you can see the runners coming back; and in the distance you can see the lower level of the viaduct loading up with us walkers. Not sure of the final count, but Kate and I were able to see numbers over 18,000 on people's registration tags.

I think I live in one of the greatest cities in the world because of events like this, where the turnout is at once large and passionate. I also do the American Heart Walk here at this site every October. Every person who does these events gives up a weekend morning of sleeping in to raise money and come out to show their commitment to health and wellness.

Tracy and Jennine, the incline parts of the walk of the walk were one for each of you.

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Carol Salo said...

Annie ... while chatting with some fellow walkers today, both Tracy (those Crazy Cancer gals) and Jennine (while walking with Penny) we're in our thoughts often. We're your ears burning gals ??? Continued positive vibes being sent to each of you !!!