Saturday, August 22, 2009

A week of photos.

Leroy sliced a fresh melon, and gathered cheese, figs, crackers to accompany it, for a small snack as we bid farewell to our friend Luba, from Argentina. It's been great to spend time with herthis visit.

James has been here since last Sunday. We are so glad to have him with us. As usual, lively discussions take place, with a great deal of argument.

Here the two of them are discussing a wide range of issues connected with education.

I was not aware, for example, that Kant taught about 60 hours a week...

And, in an earlier part of the discussion, the two of them are sitting rather calmly.

Earlier today, I went to Swansons Nursery to pick up plants to install in the back garden pots.

This shot of the garden indicates that the bushes have grown almost as tall as the sundial.

Phlox and winter pansies.

The back terrace and garden look much improved after Elisse's help this past week.

Other news, not shown here. I put my Brooks Aeriel walking shoes back on this morning and kept them on for around five hours. Not much discomfort at all, which is a good thing since I have a raft of external meetings this next week.

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