Monday, August 10, 2009

"Power and speed be hands and feet. " -- Emerson

This is my first day without pain, so I wanted to write a short note, especially to thank and congratulate all those who are walking in The 3 Day this year. If I remember correctly, the training is really beginning to pay off about right now, and you are amazed (though exhausted) about how far you can go on back to back weekend walks. For those feeling a little tentative, try not to worry. The actual walk is quite different from training. You'll having support -- including food & drink and bathrooms -- every 3 miles. And more importantly, you'll have folks like me cheering you on.

Though I won't be doing the walk this year, I can still count my blessings: first, I am now mostly without pain; and second, I have devised clever workarounds so that many will never know I even had surgery. There's nothing wrong with my brain or my hands, so power and speed just take another shape now.

Thank you to everyone for your good wishes these past weeks. By the end of August, I should be able to wear shoes again. Until then, it's socks and sandals.


Tracy said...

Glad to hear you are back on your feet (no pun intended!)

Summer is for sandals so everyone will just think you are infinitely fashionable!

Carol Salo said...

Annie, imagine that ... you thanking and congratulating those of us walking the 3 Day, while healing yourself. I truly look forward to seeing you while out on the route and maybe in "big girl shoes" !!! In the mean time we'll be continuing to put one foot in front of the other !!!

Lauren said...

So happy to hear you are without pain, Annie. Rock on.