Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to school.

What a charming time of the year this is! The weather is crisper but still sunny. The kids are already back in school, others start next week.

I'm going back to a form of school tomorrow morning -- when I start working with a trainer at the University Y. I have been without the regular schedule of training since February and, while my weight has held, my muscles all need sustained work -- especially since I have not been doing any significant walking since July.

The Seattle 3 Day Walk begins on Friday, September 11th. Though I'm not walking this year, I'll be attending the Kindred Spirits picnic on Thursday evening and staying in the hotel with the team, then riding over to the opening ceremonies with them on Friday morning.

With ASA growing as rapidly as it is, "back to school" has another connotation as well. I'll be welcoming our first intern/research associate at the end of this month, when the UW is back in session.

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Carol Salo said...

Looking forward to seeing you in one short week .... hoping for a bit less unpredictable weather !!!!!