Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life is good.

Just a quick post. On Facebook, when it's a great day, we say "life is good."

Life is good every day for me, and I thought I should note that fact. I have fallen into new routines and rhythms, and am a happier person all round. When I built Delphi Computers & Peripherals, it was an adrenaline-filled adventure, for which I am very grateful. It was thrilling, but it was not ever contemplative. We delivered cutting edge technology, with all its variations. Often I had little time to think from a higher level about the work. I was CEO, but I was in the trenches.

ASA is very different. I designed it so I could do what interests me and what pleases me. As I closed my books at the end of the third quarter yesterday, I thought about how different it is from Delphi or WaMu. I have no manufacturing process, no inventory. I contract associates for large jobs, and have no employees. The network I am building of innovators, thought leaders and market players is significant and is spread across the world. Most importantly, I love the work I do, and it makes a difference in the world.

If the KING-TV interview works tomorrow, then I'll post it here so you can see me in action. I've spent time this past week trying to boil down what I do to its essence, so it can be understood by a television viewer. Wish me luck.

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I have no doubt that you will be clear, concise and very appropriate for the average television viewer. Can't wait to see you shine!