Thursday, September 17, 2009

A new day.

I'm glad that I spent time with the Kindred Spirits team last weekend, cheering them on. The Seattle walk raised $5.5 million, absolutely amazing in today's climate.

I saw my foot surgeon on Tuesday, and things are progressing. It's apparent that what both podiatrists say is true -- unless I'm willing to have the radical bunion surgery, then I probably won't be able to do the 60 mile walk again. I have previously ruled this surgery out because of its success rate (50%) and because the recovery time is 3-5 months.

My new firm requires that I travel to meet with clients and attend conferences or meetings. My calendar starting in October does not really allow for me to sit tight in Seattle with limited mobility for that period of time.

I'm off on Monday for Minneapolis, to an H1N1 conference sponsored the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy (CIDRAP). It reminds me that I have not been on the road since May, when I was traveling mostly by train. I believe the time away will give me more time to ponder what to do with my feet. I know there are many ways to raise money for cancer research, and not all of them require me to walk 60 miles.

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