Monday, January 4, 2010

Endorphins, awake!

I've not been sleeping well, busy running worst case scenarios about my knee.

So it was a real pleasure to return to the gym and my trainer this morning, two weeks after I wrenched the knee. Though I was in a full brace and using a cane, the upper body worked just fine, and we did about 40 minutes of work. It was such a release to be working in the gym that I am sure I'm getting this much work done today because of all the little endorphins now scurrying around in my system.

Then I had a good consult with Dr. Daly. The knee continues to improve, with only one little setback on the 30th. I can start on some leg lifts and physical therapy as well, and "as I am able" I can use the knee to climb stairs. On the trip back east in February, he left it up to me. He pointed out the knee could go out again here as well as out there; that there are wheelchairs to move in airports and trains if necessary. He offered to drain off any water on the knee before I left, if I decided to go.

In the meantime, I should continue to use the cane as I need it; and the soft brace for work, and the firm one in the gym. I'll start physical therapy this Thursday morning, and we'll see how it goes and what the therapist has to say.

As far as the trip goes, I have decided to postpone it until I have improved to a condition where I can walk without a cane or brace. Now that's what I'm always preaching in my line of work -- "risk mitigation."

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Carol Salo said...

Annie, I think the stars we're out of whack last night, I too had a more than restless night (in fact called in sick this morning which I never do). A bit of pre-op anxiety for myself that I plan on combating with Lorazepam if it rears its ugly head again tonight.

I went with the thought of getting the endorphins moving as well, took a 3 mile walk in the pouring down rain .... felt GREAT !!!!!!

Here's to a pleasant nights rest !!!!