Sunday, January 10, 2010

"We are the mirror as well as the face in it." -- Rumi

It takes a lot longer to do anything when you have to be careful. This is tough for one who generally does what she wishes, with gusto. But being physically slower seems this round to have opened my mind, probably because there is time for thinking while you are resting and icing.

I learned Friday morning that a very old friend, a television/radio journalist who has lived all over the world, is now in an assisted care facility in Denver. She has early onset Alzeimer's Disease, and she is only 55 years old. Her husband, the CBS-TV journalist Barry Peterson, is finishing a book about her that will appear in June. He sent me the cover, which was the easiest way for him to tell me why she was in assisted living:

I cannot imagine a crueler fate, especially if you are as smart and passionate as Jan. We have kept in touch for years, usually via Christmas cards for years. Now I know why they stopped coming.

There's an example in almost everything you come to know. This one suggests to me that I should cherish and celebrate the magic of my life and my work on a more regular basis. No one knows what lies ahead. Live here. Live now.

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Tracy said...

A good friend recently lost her father to Alzheimer's. He was a loving, funny, successful man and this disease took it all away. It is a cruel disease and I am so sorry that your friend is now suffering.