Thursday, January 21, 2010

When last we spoke....

I was describing my program of physical therapy. I'm happy to report that it's still moving forward. And I've been able to be in the gym twice a week with my trainer as well, making good progress there. I've enjoyed the personal support and attention of a couple of old friends on weekends, very much appreciated through this rather bumpy ride.

I have mostly been in meetings or work in my office. I finished two very large work deliverables last Friday. Today I put on my fancy work clothes and went out to speak to a group of King County emergency managers. It felt good to be back in harness out in public.

Now I'm ramping up ASA sales and marketing efforts at what I hope is a reasonable pace. Even though I'm still slowed down a bit with the knee, I've been able to project manage the replacement of around 6' of our sewer line, which will occur over the next two days. I could have wished for better timing, but both of us have negotiated the inconvenience and pending costs very well.

That's it from here. Despite Supreme Court rulings and an upside down Senate race, I still say, "yes we can."

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