Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Eight and a half weeks after I injured my knee, I have graduated from physical therapy. And I expect to be discharged this afternoon by my orthopaedic surgeon, without surgery.

I have integrated all my lower body work in the gym back into my routine; and I'll keep doing home physical therapy exercises for a while longer. (Only 10% of those who see physical therapists ever actually do the exercises, so that may explain the uneven success rate of PT.)

The beauty of this recovery is that I can walk again, without any pain or instability. I don't think I'll be walking 60 miles this fall, but longer daily walks can now integrate into my schedule, along with the personal training.

The knee has to be one of the most complicated set of mechanics in the human body, so I'm deeply relieved to be given a prognosis of "excellent, with continued adherence to her fitness program." And, if anyone ever needs a referral to an outstanding physical therapist, please let me know!

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