Friday, August 6, 2010

Weekend Warrior-ing.

The team is off to Whidbey Island today for walking and camping practice. Even in the years I did the 3 Day Walk, I never thought I would be trained enough for this. I wish them well and cooler weather than we've had most of the week.

My friend Ginny figured out that my friend Jen with the foot that can bear no weight can ride in a wheelchair for good parts of the walk, so they are going to trial run that option this weekend.

Since I'm not walking this year or training with them this weekend, I'm planning a few extra active home-based activities. My garden needs weeding and pruning and more flowers planted. There's a farmer's market tomorrow morning in the U District. We've been out three nights this week already, but hoping for lunch and gallery time at the Seattle Art Museum as well. Or maybe the Chinese painting show at the Seattle Asian Art Museum?

Our friend Luba arrives late Tuesday evening from Argentina for a couple of weeks. Her son and family live just down the block, and are in the process of moving back into their beautifully renovated but dusty house, so the basement flat is hers as long as she needs it. The flat belongs to our son James, but makes a beautifully private living space with separate entrance. She'll be able to come and go as she wishes.

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