Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas, Everyone!

A few Christmas Eve photos of the lights which shone brightly, despite the rain...

A view through our front window last evening....and

for the 32nd year, luminaries shown brightly along the sidewalks of our Ravenna neighborhood, despite the rain.

Our friend Suzie took our holiday photos for the third straight year. She is a lot more fun than Yuen Lui, and we like the photos.

This we decided to be our formal Christmas card photo, since all three of us are smiling and there are no weird twitches.

I like this one of James, whom we are so happy to have home with us for the holidays. Very best wishes from all three of us to you, with hopes for a more peaceful and brighter New Year.

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Jenny said...

Ahh, such sweet images, Annie, all. I especially like the references to traditions: neighborhood luminarias and Suzie's photo taking. You live in abundant love, evident in the faces of each of you and in the beautiful place you call home.