Saturday, February 26, 2011

Seattle Garden Show

Nearly every year since the boys were little, my friend Suzie and I go to the annual garden show here in Seattle, armed with our cameras, on the lookout for new ideas to implement in our own gardens. In the background of this photo (above) and at the very end of this blog entry, is a "modern-shed," beautifully done, at 8x14'. Too big for my back garden, but more upscale that the $200 pallet sheds shown this past Thursday in the home section of the New York Times.

One of the displays on the skybridge, outside the show itself.

Part of a vignette that included beautiful driftwood and other spare feeling trees and rocks.

Since this year's theme was "Tell Me a Story," it's no surprise that there were toadstools in abundance throughout the exhibits.

Beautifully executed in wood, the pavers are actually made of wine bottle corks.

More of the same exhibit, in fact its frontispiece.

My favorite nursery was well represented in the show as well.

Part of the "Alice's Gardens" exhibit, from Innovative Landscape Technologies; the other part being "Alice's Labyrinth" created by our favorite Seattle composter, Cedar Grove.

This photo and the one below are both from the "Alice's Garden" side of the exhibit.

A living wall.

A remarkable canvas above this exhibit, but I could not for the life of me capture the second line of the canvas.

Belongs to Mr. Toad.

More from Toad Hill.

A section of an extraordinary exhibit from Christensen's Nursery.

More of that same exhibit.

And a side view of the Modern-Shed that I began this blog entry with. As I write this entry, it is snowing again in Seattle, lightly, but the weather is very cold. Not a gardening weekend, but then not far away either from many weekends in the garden.

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