Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Writing a book is hard work.

Once you become an executive, you are prized for your ability to write short and sweet, in paragraphs that form an executive summary that other executives can understand.  In the past two years at ASA, I've continued to write short pieces, either monthly columns or research notes that are 300 words or so.

Now I'm coming down to the wire on a book manuscript for which I have created deadlines that back up to the Northwest's largest book event, the Northwest Bookfest on October 1-2.  The name of the book is Safer, Not Sorry: Taking Reasonable Precautions.

The book stems from a desire to influence a larger audience than I can reach in my professional work with corporate clients.I want the book to be small and handy, a reference book rather than a scholarly work. It's written for you and everyone else you know, in plain English. It discusses how to handle your personal risk at home, at work, on the Internet, and in the world while traveling.

And things are coming along pretty well, except that I can't work on it full time at this point.  Emily has been assisting me with the manuscript as a sort of zen master of Microsoft Word.   I intend to be done with at least the first pass of the whole manuscript by a week from today, so that I have time to send it to the two people who will help me bring it to final state -- Lauren is back in the saddle to oversee on editorial & technical aspects and to inspire me to a better end result; and Jesse, who designed ASA's look and logo, will design the book cover and make sense of its interior presentation.

When everything is all done, we'll ship the book as a PDF to Amazon's new independent publishing service called createspace.  I'll have a commercial bookpage on Amazon, and folks can order the book in any quantity, and it will be printed and shipped within two days.

I do have to say that writing a book and growing a business at the same time have put me right at the edge of my comfort zone.  These next couple of months will be quite interesting as we find out whether my deadline is realistic.  Either way, I'll be thinking through how best to manage my personal risk.

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Jenny said...

You continue to inspire, Annie, with your goal setting, forward momentum, and aspirations to create something useful and meaningful for others. There is so much about you to love, and love you, I do.