Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sweet Baby James

Had it not been for a good friend who passed along hand-me-downs from her two beautifully dressed sons, James would not have been so appropriately dressed in green velour with red striped socks.  He was born in mid-November so he would have been a little more than a year old when this photo with Santa was taken.  Then, as now, he displays great interest in something outside himself.  

I'm only now starting to pull out holiday decorations like this photo. Any other year, this would have been the date of our annual open house.  But I've still got plenty of time.  We've postponed  that event until James and his friend Jackie are here to join us, the week after Christmas.  I can't wait.

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Jenny said...

So true, Annie, that James has always been a seeker, reaching beyond his own sphere and exploring the world around him. There is so much about him to love and admire, including his steadfast, adoring and engaging parents!