Saturday, January 28, 2012

London, Paris, New York and DC

I read a review of a new exhibition at the Contemporary Turner gallery in London, and it made me want to find a British client so that I could spend a week revisiting museums, libraries and galleries in that city. Ideally, I'd then spend another week in Paris, doing the same thing.  Because of the underground transportation systems, both cities are eminently walkable. 

But I'm lucky enough to already have planned a trip to the East Coast in late February.  I'll be in New York City for meetings and a global risk conference, then take the train south to Washington DC for more meetings.  I'm going to build museum time into these visits, in particular for the renovated Islamic and American galleries at the Metropolitan, the Diego Rivera exhibition at MOMA, and for the Callahan photography exhibit at the National Gallery.

I am happy  that my life and work integrate such that I can plan such treats for the eye and for the spirit.

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